Zepher ISO Benchmark Certificate


Zepher ISO 9001; 2000

About Zepher UK

Who Are Zepher UK?

Zepher UK have revolutionized today’s industry with an approach, attitude and vision for “What the Customer Really Needs” Our experience is phenomenal and our products are termed "Industry Standard"; after all, we have been selling and servicing the same products for over 40 years. Today we offer the most competitive pricing worldwide for the supply and repair of many Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Air Blowers. What we offer is very simple a Quality Product at the right price with a Service that really is Service.

Why are we different?

"We are a Privately Owned Company"

Our experience really does count, ask our Customers! We have a Commitment to Maintaining Long-Term Business Relationships with our Customers and offering a Worldwide Competitive Pricing Structure. Personal Service Levels and Total Customer Satisfaction comes naturally to Zepher.

What is our Quality like?

"The Only Manufacturer to offer Class H Motors as Standard”

Our Products are truly proven in the Market with detailed benefits including Long life External Bearing, High Reliability, High Efficiency Motors, Class H Motors, Maintenance Free and a Precise Performance

What does Service really mean?

"Full 12 Month Warranty on all Repairs and Replacements"

The Service and Support we offer has to be precise for today’s Customers, we offer full support for both our products and many other manufacturers within our Service Centre, our Service Engineers have a wealth of experience and operate all over the United Kingdom, we offer a full 12 Month Warranty on all repairs, Why? Because we know what we are doing. Our customers truly get the support they deserve.

Which Industries will you find our products?

We are a major OEM supplier of Vacuum Pumps and Air Blowers within most Industries, including Food, Beverage, Paper, Health, Water, Packaging, Pneumatic Conveying, Textiles, Water, Plastics, Leisure and Environmental.

What Standards do we offer?

"Worldwide Standards"

Today Customers expect Full EC, UL and cUL Conformity and ISO 9001 within our Manufacturing Capabilities; we have a duty to Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement including Quality Controlled Manufacture.