Side Channel RT Range Downloads

Performance Data

50Hz Download Side Channel 50Hz brochure  
60Hz Download Side Channel 60Hz brochure  

Dimensions - Single Stage

RT-1 Series Download Single Stage RT-1 Series brochure  
RT-2 Series Download Single Stage RT-2 Series brochure  
RT-3 Series Download Single Stage RT-3 Series brochure  
RT-4 Series Download Single Stage RT-4 Series brochure  
RT-5 Series Download Single Stage RT-5 Series brochure  
RT-6 Series Download Single Stage RT-6 Series brochure  
RT-7 Series Download Single Stage RT-7 Series brochure  
RT-8 Series Download Single Stage RT-8 Series brochure  
RT-9 Series Download Single Stage RT-9 Series brochure  


Optional Discharge Configuration Download Optional Discharge Configuration brochure  

Dimensions - Two Stage RT

RT-23 Series Download Two Stage RT-23 Series brochure  
RT-33 Series Download Two Stage RT-33 Series brochure  
RT-43 Series Download Two Stage RT-43 Series brochure  
RT-63046 Download Two Stage RT-63046 brochure  
RT-63063 Download Two Stage RT-63063 brochure  
RT-63086 Download Two Stage RT-63086 brochure  
RT-64 Series Download Two Stage RT-64 Series brochure  
RT-83086 Download Two Stage RT-83086 brochure  
RT-83130 Download Two Stage RT-83130 brochure  
RT-83190 Download Two Stage RT-83190 brochure  
RT-84086 Download Two Stage RT-84086 brochure  
RT-84130 Download Two Stage RT-84130 brochure  

Dimensions - Two Stage RT1

RT1-23 Series Download Two Stage RT1-23 Series brochure  
RT1-33 Series Download Two Stage RT1-33 Series brochure  
RT1-43 Series Download Two Stage RT1-43 Series brochure  
RT1-63046 Download Two Stage RT1-63046 brochure  
RT1-63063 Download Two Stage RT1-63063 brochure  
RT1-63086 Download Two Stage RT1-63086 brochure  


Anti-Vibration Mounts Download Anti-Vibration Mounts brochure  
MFCV Range Vacuum Filters (Vacuum Filters) Download Vacuum Filters brochure  
ST Range (Extreme Duty) Vacuum Filters Download Vacuum Filters (ST Series) brochure  
Blower Filters Download Blower Filters brochure  
Silencers Download Silencers brochure  
Valves Download Valves brochure  


O & M Manual Download O & M Manual brochure  
Single Stage Spares Download Single Stage Spares brochure  
Two Stage Spares Download Two Stage Spares brochure  

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight and Dimensions Download Shipping Weight and Dimensions brochure